Today's Rate


Jumbo loan

5/1 arm, 2.75%, loan amount 625500+

7/1 arm 2.875%, loan amount 417k+

10/1 arm 3.125%, loan amount 417k+

30 yr fix 3.5%, loan amount 625500+

HB Conforming loan

30 yr fix 3.625%, loan amount 417k-625500

15 yr fix 3.0%, loan amount 417k-625500

Investment property loan amount

7/1 arm 3.25%, loan amount 417k+

30 yr fix 3.875%, Loan amount 625500+

The above rate quote is 0 point 0 cost for the best scenario refi or purchase. it could be effected by loan to value, credit score, property type and impound account, etc.

* The rate subject to change without notice.
* Closing cost may vary in term of loan amount, value, Credit score, property type. Please email to to check accurate closing cost.
* no cost, cover closing cost paid through escrow.